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What is Cyber Security ?


Simply put, cyber security is the technique of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or attacks that are aimed at exploitation.

Base-line cyber security is becoming increasingly mandatory for businesses of all verticals. Most companies actively engage in the process, for the following reasons:

1.Legislative pressure:

Government organisations, private corporations and charities increasingly require their suppliers to demonstrate that data is handled responsively and stored securely.



The biggest risk of a data breach is irreparable damage to the organisation’s reputation. This often results in losing most or all customers and in legal consequences


3.Evidence based security:

Being secure is not good enough anymore. Organisations increasingly expect proof that appropriate measures have been put in place

Cyber Essentials, the UK government scheme developed in 2014 to provide organisations with a baseline level of assurance from cyber attacks has become the fastest growing information security standard in the world.

For more details and how to achieve assurance certification for your business, click the Cyber Essentials logo below.

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