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Check to see if your email address has been stolen

Hackers are targeting your business!


Find out in seconds if your email address has been stolen or compromised,

by using this free service:

Breached email Search

This will check your email through a comprehensive database of all email addresses stolen over the last few years.

If your email has been compromised, it’s possible cyber criminals have used it to attempt to access your systems.


Please contact a cyber security specialist immediately. We can help:

This is powered by Have I Been Pwned.

Check how long it would take to crack your password


The longer and more complex your password, the harder it will be for cyber-criminals to crack it through brute force.


What’s that? It’s where automated software tries thousands of variations of passwords, until it finds the right one.


Check your password now. Enter it below and you’ll see how long it would take criminals to crack it. The longer, the better.

Check Your Password Strength

This is powered by How Secure Is My Password. Your password is safe and is not sent across the internet.

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