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Satellite Broadband Essex

As a small or medium sized organisation (SME), you don’t necessarily require an enterprise solution, just an affordable pro tariff, combined with healthy data allowance (2GB-200GB monthly) that delivers truly high speed business grade broadband wherever your business is based.
Our Pro tariffs have been specially developed with the above in mind, delivering next generation connectivity for your business to thrive.


Business Pro Internet via Satellite


  • 1 fixed, public IP address as standard (Additional static IP addresses available) to enable easy connectivity to business services and applications

  • High data throughput to cope with today’s bandwidth hungry corporate applications

  • Generous, extendible monthly data allowances. (Volume boosters of 1, 10, 20, 50 and 100 GB available real-time on-line whenever you need them)

  • The latest acceleration technology including an integrated performance enhancing proxy (PEP) with pre-fetching to speed up browsing and downloads, giving users blistering on screen performance

  • High network up times with robust and reliable equipment, and the Ka Sat advanced multi-redundant network with 8 operational and 2 back-up gateways across 5 countries

  • Speeds up to 22Mb download and 6Mb upload


With satellite broadband you will enjoy download speeds of up to 22Mbps, although this does vary slightly depending on which satellite we can connect you to in your location.
In any event you will be able to access up to speeds at 15Mbps wherever you are.


In common with all other broadband technologies, satellite broadband is a ‘contended’ service which means that your speed at any given time is determined by a number of factors.

These factors include general elements such as the internet’s general functioning and server speed of websites you’re trying to access at the time, through to the more specific factor of the number of other users you are sharing the network’s bandwdith with at a given moment.

The ‘up to’ speeds which are quoted by all providers across broadband technologies describe the maximum download speed in Megabits per second (Mbps) that you can expect to achieve with that service. Similarly, upload speeds are described as ‘up to’ and with satellite broadband these can be as high as 6Mbps although 2Mbps is the average.


This will vary according to the ‘busyness’ of the network at any given time and typically during peak hours of usage speeds may drop down into the low single figures for a time. Peak hours tend to be between 5pm – 11pm on weekdays, but this can vary from country to country.

The companies that manage the network infrastructure use sophisticated network management systems (you may hear referred to as ‘NMS’) in order to ensure that the bandwidth available on their network is shared out fairly amongst customers. The way that demand is managed based on a Fair Access Policy (FAP), and you can find more information on how these work for your system here.

A report by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in 2014 found that satellite broadband on average achieved the closest speeds to the speeds advertised than any other technology in the market.
Satellite broadband speeds may not be the highest available and of course in common with fibre, ADSL or wireless they are not always at the ‘up to’ speeds, but in locations where it’s needed because of lack of alternative infrastructure, we’re confident you’ll find it an excellent solution.

How much does Satellite Boadband cost?

Satellite broadband as a technology is getting more affordable everyday and performance is improving as the technology matures. To use a system in the UK, currently you’ll need three pieces of kit installed, A Satellite antenna (Dish),Transceiver, and Ka Modem, then your chosen monthly tariff/airtime package.
The monthly fee, as with other broadband providers or mobile phone tariff, is determined by the level of performance you require, data allowance each month, and required upload and download speeds. Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.
In any given month, should you go over your available data allowance, Volume Boosters are available to purchase. If this becomes a common occurrence you can upgrade to a larger tariff at any point.
No long term contracts, as our Pro Business services are on a monthly rolling contract, and best of all we can typically install within 7 days.

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