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Technology Insider: Would your business survive the 4 beer test this Christmas?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Christmas edition of our monthly Technology Insider newsletter.

Even though our festive social activities aren’t going to be anywhere normal this year, it’s still worth asking if your business can survive the 4 beer test.

What’s that? My team and I reckon 4 beers is about the stage where people start to “relax” so much, they start to forget the important stuff.

Like picking up their laptop bag when they leave the bar. Or as they’re jumping off the train home in a fluster, after a little impromptu nap…

You find the details in the newsletter. Other stories include:

  • One simple change you can make, to help your business be more productive

  • Our guidance on sourcing new devices right now (supplies of laptops have been limited again just recently – contact us for the very latest)

  • A pretty cool productivity gadget to go on your Christmas list

  • And… you’ll never guess what material the very first computer mouse was made out of (back in 1964!)

December 2020 - newsletter ITF Tech
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